Anyone broken the KH Rail Seat Post yet?

I just broke the KH seat post that comes with 2005/06 KH20 and I’m looking to replace it.

Thinking either Thompson (NZ$160) or KH Rail Seat Post (NZ$65), I’m thinking that if the KH rail seat post is even moderately stronger than my previous seatpost then I probably won’t destroy it for a while, is it stronger?


g’day mate,
yeah i know a guy who recently just broke his kh seat post too!

i also have a kh trials 20" and was gonna get a thompson seatpost but then found out that u need to get the kh rail seat post! The KH Trials originally came out with the kh rail add-on but it was taken off in april because it got in the way of sif hopping, and was quite akward and didnt really suite trials riding!

so, i wouldnt suggest getting a kh rail for ur kh trials if u use it for trials…

I use a KH CF Fusion seat, with rail adapter and Thomson seatpost for trials, and it doesn’t bother me at all. Personally, i’d rather have a strong unicycle than one that wasn’t as strong just so I could do SiF…

yeah, i was told by a mate that it wasnt good for trials, and i sed to him that i wanted to get the same saddle/seatpost set up as u have, and he sed not too!

Do u do ne sif hopping ?

Not as much, I tend to do more seat in than SiF. But, when I need to SiF I don’t find the rail adapter a problem, it doesn’t affect my jumping in anyway either.

I’ve just switched to using the seatpost with the brake post off my KH24 for now, it’s soooo much heavier than before (also using an old KH Seat instead of my gel seat)

if you get the kh rail adapter DO NOT get the kh seat post it is terable imo. If i where you i would just switch to a non alu uni seat post.

Aluminium saves weight, so he should just get a Thomson, they are the strongest post available. And it doesn’t matter if it’s made out of aluminium or not, they will still break.

Does this mean you have broken one? I have not heard of anyone trashing one yet. If yours failed, what were you doing and how did it break?

i ment that he should get a non alu regular uni seat post.

i havent broken one. i just dont like the desine with the those little pins

i didnt breake on yet cuz i dont have one dude.

So did I…and they are still easily breakable (i’ve broken 3)

Joe “seatpost breaker” dyson

after braking 3 i think you need to work on your form not the uni.


Not really…I haven’t broken my Thomson yet, other seatposts aren’t made for what I put them through

Well I just broke my other seatpost so I’m probably gonna go with a KH rail seatpost. Looks like I’ll have to order the KH rail adaptor in from Australia though due to none in stock here.

Has anyone here had any experience with the KH rail seatpost? I’d like to hear how it compares to other models on the market (Thompson and regular KH seatposts).


Definitely get a Thomson. It’s as close to a sure thing as you can get in seatposts. Also, it is light (although when combined with the steel rail adapter it will come out heavier than a normal 4 bolt).

If you’re breaking seatposts like that, you need something that will hold up. Why waste money on a KH that is likely to break when you can get something that I don’t think knows how to break (Thomson)?

You can get a Thomson for a lot less than the retail in the US. I’m not sure what it will be like getting one in NZ, but I got one for $35 shipped (less than half price) off ebay a while back. And when I worked in a bike shop I could get Thomson products at around 40% of retail. So try to find one cheap on ebay or get one through someone who works at a shop.

Cheers for the words of wisdom Obie but I’m gonna go with the KH rail seatpost anyway because its such a similar design and made from the same stuff and costs $65 instead of $160.

I guess I’ll probably hacksaw the brake mount post off the rail adaptor to stop it from getting in the way for S.I.F. and maybe shed a bit of weight.

if you don’t hacksaw if off, you could put a U bolt onto the top of it and secure it onto the handle bolts and you’d remove any seat flex :stuck_out_tongue: