Anyone broke this?

Are the K1 undrilled rims any good?

I’m ordering my new wheelset today but I can’t decide between a K1 drilled or undrilled rim.

I really want a gold undrilled b/c it looks awesome, but I don’t know if its super strong. Has anyone broke one? I don’t jump anything too gnarly yet so I think it will hold but I just want to be sure. Biggest set I jump is 7


Man i ride Koxx undrilled’s on my Uni and my Trial Bike!..And they still alive!

I’m very light… Around 48Kg… But with my trial bike i can do big drops (around 2m)… The same with the uni…

A lot of peoples say that they aren’t strong… But for me they are very good… And i think it will be strong enough for a BC!


Alright cool. I’m a little heavier than you though but still appreciate the help.

Anyone else have one?

My Tryall drilled is holding up fine… I built the wheel myself (I do pretty good but I am no pro). I do 7-8 set size drops. Ive ridden it at high pressure and low pressure without checking my spokes for a month or two. No problems whatsoever.

I used to be all about the undrill eyeletted rim, I soon got used to the drilled and after haveing less rotational weight its hard o go back. 'Specialy since the drilled is holding up fine, no flatspots or anything.

If you are not already bending you rims and have a decent wheel build the rim should be fine.

Thank you. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Drilled it is:)

Cons of a drilled:
The distance between the nipple hole and the eyelets is very week. My old red try all (after two years of abuse) was extremely out of true. You need to pay attention to your spokes, and always keep them true. A good wheel build and maintenance is essential.

Looks sexy. Light, awesome colors, etc.

I use a k1 undrilled rim, Hella strong, I have bent many pairs of pedals while runnin it, and hte rim is still goin strong :smiley:

Koxx undrilled is way to heavy for me. About 2 weeks after i put it on, i sold my kh wheel and bought a nimbus wheel when they were 86 bux. Its a whole lot easier to flip the wheel when its light. As long as you dont plan to do many flip tricks, i would go undrilled since i heard they are quite strong. If you plan to do flip tricks, go with a drilled rim, since they are light and strong as long as you keep the spokes tight before anything big.

I dont know much about koxx but i have a kh drilled rim and its sweet.

Haha I can’t believe I wrote that. Yeah I meant to say drilled rims.

This is probably a confusing thread to most people

I ordered everything but my cranks. Should be here this coming weeek.

I’ve got a gold undrilled rim, and it’s still 100%