anybody used the Kenda Kontact tire?

I was thinking about getting a Kenda Kontact tire for freestyle/flatland, but I’m worried it might be too grippy or too soft rubber. Anyone ever used it?

it looks very nice (except perhaps the colour).

too grippy? I doubt it. My problem is that i wear off grip too fast from gliding tricks.

too soft rubber? well if you ride on smooth surface it should be pretty durable. I suppose you may have to replace it if you are wearing through them quick…how expensive are they?

i have one of those on my bc wheel, i found it in the dumpster. I haven’t ridden it enough to know too much about it though.

Its whats on my bc… its pretty sweet, i think it would be good for flatland ish stuff… but im not sure what makes a good flatland tire

I am going to say that a Primo Wall tire is very nice, very stiff tire though.

Seen lots of people with Prim Walls.


Try a primo comet. ( or Its a very nice, very high psi tire.

this is a really good tyre. it is very grippy and fast and u inflate it to 110 psi.