Anybody tried this on a uni?

Has anybody ever done a trick like the one in this vid? (1:32)

what dropping in some water?

Yes SpongeBob did ride under water, if that’s what you mean…

no the trick at 1min 32 secs (escorlator thingy)

He’s talking about the clip at 1:32 into the video.

The guy tries to ride up the hand rails of the escalator on his bike.

I’m not sure how that’d be possible on a unicycle.

well there was a guy who tried and failed to ride down a moving escalator. on the hand rail that would be a well tough skinny.

i’ve seen videos of yoggie and rocco riding down escalators moving up, but nothing on the handrails.

Kind off

be cool if they did the same on the rail.

I’m thinking on iddling or hopping as the rail takes you up.

First Unicycles don’t have the front wheel for the big hops and stalls then up.

Secondly when they do big gaps they stop pediling for awhile,

Third Playe in meny fountains

Lastly I tryed going up the elevator hand rail at one of the juggling meatings about two months ago but no pic. *tear, i keept sliping on the slik rubber when it climbed. also tryed riding the metal next to the moving part.

cool, was it wet?