Anybody recognize this unicyclist?

Hey, I wanted to move this to its own post. I emailed the Mount Washington Auto Road folks, and they were wondering if I knew who the guy in this photo was - supposedly the first unicycle to climb the auto road at Mount Washington, back in 1991.


He doesn’t look familiar to me in so few pixels, but his equipment looks like a 24" Schwinn, which probably means he’s on the stock 140mm cranks. Looks like the Schwinn/Viscount seat (ouch). If they had a name for him, one of us might recognize that.

Thanks, John. Nope, they don’t know who he is.

According to this post, John Waters was the unicyclist.
But the link referred to within that post doesn’t work anymore.

Ah ha…
That should be John Walters. (not Waters)

Using the Way Back Machine, that old link shows it:
Unicycle 91 John Walters 2:18:50

And now that I search for that name, I see that some guy named Steveyo was asking about him over 6 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeez, Buzz. Good sleuthing!

First Woman Mt. Wash Summit Attempt

For what it’s worth, I emailed briefly with “Meg” yesterday, who is also with the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center/Mt. Washington Auto Road as a MTB guide. Here is a brief blog about her attempt.

SteveYo, maybe she was the one who contacted you? I think she’s staking the claim of first woman to summit Mt. Washington via Uni.