Anybody near Sutherland Shire, Sydney?

I live in Sutherland Shire, Sydney and I am looking for someone to ride with. I have had my uni for about 4-5 months and I am about level 2. I want to learn new tricks, practice, and just have fun.

   Please reply, 

This is definitely the wrong place to put this. Please post this in the Rec.Sport.Unicycling forum. It’s the first one listed on the main forum page.

hey there Eamon,
Firstly well done on making it to level two in such a short time!
There are a number of Unicyclists in sydney all who have preferred disciplines Muni, Street, freestyle, trials etc. Alex Toms (Tomsey on these forums) lives in Campbell town and is a serious street rider, but if you’re looking for a more comparitable riding partner a guy just posted on JC a few days ago from Sydney somewhere looking for a riding partner. I just found his thread now- He’s called Liam and has the email I’m from bathurst and prefer muni/trials/street riding- if you’re ever passing through just email me to arange something (,