Anybody kind enough to design me a logo?

Hi all, I was hoping as this is the nicest kindest forum of wonderful people in the history of nice kind forums of wonderful people, that there may be some of you who would be willing to knock up a One Wheeled Stallion logo. I’m looking for the classier image, rather than out and out caricatures. I want something to go on the web page I’m building and also to turn into stickers for my unis etc.

Anybody got half an hour to help a fellow unicyclist?!

Thanks a lot,


How about a unicycle wheel, or unicycle, with a horse’s head sticking out of it? If you don’t want stallion-related suggestions, you’d better fill us in with some background…

Sorry, I left that a bit vague didn’t I?! I was thinking about the top half of a stallion (or horse, I’m not fussy :wink: ) with a wheel at the bottom half… but ingeniously blended together of course! something plain black that is simple but effective, as my original thought was obviously a horse on a unicycle, but I think it’d be too complex to look at without thinking “What the hell is that?”. So yeah Stallions and wheels are all good!

If there’s anything you wanna ask, ask away!

Thanks again.

How about a herd of horses intermixed with a “herd” of unis? You could probably do it pretty easily with photoshop. Bit difficult for stickers but it would be good on a shirt or banner.

Hmmm, sounds good, tho I wanted a single figure out of it if you know what I mean. If anybody happens to be good at drawing or photoshopping, I’d appreciate any attempts made. I’ll whack my email add up if anybody comes up with anything!

Keep the good ideas coming! :slight_smile:

How about if you had a horse on standing on it’s hind legs. The legs would act like a fork for a uni wheel. Throw on a nice saddle (either uni or horse) and your’re all set.

Just a thought.

I like that idea a lot! You any good at sketching Daino??

hey I could do something. you know those 10 cent rides infront of grocery stores? well I was thinking something likethat but only with the torso (and make the horse look toy like) and then put it on some sort of muni, then put mud all over it.

Nope. Not at all.

yeah, I though of that, heres something crappy I made:

I have to go eat, so Ill make it better later.




LMAO! Sofa that is truly a work of art! Sign it, frame it and I’m sure someone will pay you handsomely for it!

Dubmuni, my dad used to have a grocery store with not one but two of those rides out front! If you have the spare time to doodle something up, I’d love to see what you come up with!

Uni-Man-Dan- I love it! That is absolutely fantastic! It’s exactly what I’m looking for! Would it look better with a BC or Ultimate wheel tho, the frame kinda looks like he’s riding on his… :wink:

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

From one dan to another:

ferrari uni small.jpg

The little horsey avatar looks better if you use IrfanView to shrink it… :slight_smile:



Nice one Phil I meant toask about that! Thanks :smiley: Very nice work Daino! Keep em coming!

haha! i love it sofa!

here’s the original:

I was gonna wait till someone logged in with the name No Wheel Stallion and is looking for a logo.