Anybody in Southeastern Iowa with a 36" Uni?

I’ve been going back and forth for weeks on the whole 29" vs. 36" debate. The problem is that I’m not sure that I can fit a 36" unicycle in my car. See the following post for details if interested. So, to the point, I think I’ve essentially decided to get a 36" IF I can fit one in my car. If I can’t, then it will solve my dilemma for me – and I’ll focus on 28/29 inchers.

So, is there anybody in Southeastern Iowa (ideally located around Iowa City/Cedar Rapids or the Quad Cities) who has a 36" unicycle and would be willing to see if they could fit it in my car?

Much thanks!

If not in Southeastern Iowa, anybody in western Illinois? Or how about the Des Moines, Iowa or Ames area?


I’m in north central illinois and I have a 36er on order.

Private message sent.

Make one out of cardboard to test fit it