anybody here!?

hey i live in central TN,is anybody around me? i know some of you guys in memphis and i’ll be seeing you all this tuesday! just curious…:smiley:

Well I’m one of the guys in Memphis. Look forward to meeting you Tuesday.

i live in the corner of nc. Do you know how far a drive it is to menphis? If its not too far i would drive to meet up with some other people that can actually ride.

I’m in Huntsville, AL. Some great Muni around here (Monte Sano) and Oak Mountain (Birmingham) though I look forward to venturing out to Raccoon Mountain (Chattanooga) soon. Nobody else rides around here so I’m somewhat of a spectical on all the local trails…

Being in SC, and a native of Memphis, I’ve made that drive countless times. From Asheville, its about 7 to 9 hours, pending on how fast you drive. The Memphis club has some good peeps in it. I was fortunate enough to have two rides with them. Of course, that was when I was first starting out, couldn’t really do anything. Not sure when I can make it back, but I will eventually and will be there at Overton, and would want to do Stanky again!!

Rubix, I’m looking forward to seeing how much you have improved since your last visit. BTW, we will be meeting indoors on Thursdays starting in November at First Congregational Church. Check the website for details.

Sutton629, we would be more than happy for you to join us sometime. We have informal outdoor club meetings on Tuesday nights through the end of October and then we switch to indoor practices on Thursday nights in November. We switch back to outdoors usually in April. Plus we try to do some sort of riding every Saturday until the really cold weather hits. This Saturday we will be riding downtown. Other times we do muni or as much of muni as this area will let us. :slight_smile: If you prefer one type of riding over the other, and you let us know when you are coming, we will plan a ride around your preferences.