Anybody have a 06 Torker Dx yet?

Just wondering if the 06 20" torker dx’s are any good and if the 250 dollar price on ebay is worth it. im seriously thinking about buying one.

I had a 24" 05 dx and i bent the rim after awhile but thats becuase it was a 24" i suppose (it just barely bent). But overall i did love the unicycle besides the almost constant work it took to maintain it.

Whats the difference between the 06’s and the 05’s??

I have one in the mail from Utah, which is where it’ll ship from if you get it from that guy on ebay.

It should be here either tommorow, or the next day, although I’m desperately hoping for tommorow. I got a 20", since it’s most versatile, and I can’t afford anything else after a 240 dollar purchase, I’ll post what it’s like in a day or two, once I get some decent riding in.

I have mine. This things an absolute beast. Ive never had or ridden a trials before and its definetly better than i thought it would be. The only bad thing about it is probably the tire. its a maxxis creepy crawler and i heard they crack in the cold, and soo its going to be cold out. but other than that, its just insane. The saddles nice and comfy, nothing like my old LX. The rim is an alex dx32 trials rim with 48 holes, i haven’t heard of these breaking. All in all, the thing is awesome. My brother couldn’t use my LX after weeks of trying and he can use this perfectly.


yeah it doenst get to cold here (rarely gets below freezing) so i dont really care, but i do want to pick up a 3" tire for it becuase i love how much beefier it looks and the feel of it, and i dont know what ill buy yet ill have to find something that will fit the rim.

the rim on the dx is the alex dx32??? if so, IM BUYING ONE, i love those rims, a friend of mine has one and he hasnt had any problems jumping off huge stuff and he weighs a lot, even when he messes up. no problems.

I kinda suck at taking pics but here.

It is indeed a alex dx32


I’ve had mine (24") for over a month now. Friday I took it on a hard northshore/freeride trail, with ladders and drops, etc.

You wont be bending the rim on this one.

Now, the Maxxis CC is a great tire. The 24" does not come with it. It has a 2.6 Kenda kinetics DH. The 20" will not fit a 3" tire on the 19" trials rim. Not that you’d want to, trials tires are better than any 3" 20" tire you could ever find. But if you plan on getting the 24", go ahead with the 3" tire. A gazz, or a Duro type tire would fit.

I have pics of it in my gallery, link in my sig.

Woah, it loks as if Torker has stepped up and joined the real unicycle market.

I think i should get one but i love 3" tires and now i know they cant support one, but i suppose its not a need, i just like the way it looks.

im definatly getting a 20", i have a 24" and it just feels to big, im not a tall guy. but i can still ride it fine, im just ready for something new.(and lighter)

ordering here i come.

just bought one, right here:

Thats nothing to worry about. NO trials unicycle will take a 3" tire. They don’t really make 3" tires for 20" size…

A trials unicycle is really 20", but for some dumb reason ‘mod’ trials rims and tires are technically 19". A 19" trials rim (the Alex DX 32 rim is a great rim) will only take 2.5’’ mod trials tires. There are a few choices,-Luna, Echo, Try-all, Monty- but the Maxxis is just fine.

The DX in my gallery is a 24". I don’t have the 20" yet.

friend of mine has a alex dx 32 with a 3", its an older bedford i beleive

either way, i bought it, and im really excited about it coming in! thanks for posting the pics. just what i needed to push me over hte edge for buying it! haha. i had to have SOMEBODY talk me into it

are there any differences in the spec to the QU-AX 20" splined trials? looks pretty much the same to me . . . possible lighter?

The Qu-Ax has longer cranks, different frame (im not sure how the two compare to each other) and the DX has the better (stronger, wider) rim.

I think the hub/cranks are prety much the same strength, but i’m just guessing on that.

The seats are a little diffrent, the DX seat is more comfortable but the Qu-Ax is slimmer and smaller.

cheers, looks like a nice uni.

they both have alex dx32 rims, don’t they? :thinking:

No, the Qu-Ax has a Qu-ax rim. They’re own rim.

i think the dx looks hotter too


i sure hope this thing lasts. i cant wait to get it and put it together. i havent rode in a couple months,( i rode for like 10 secs on my friends) and before that it was a few months too. so im anxious.

I ordered one on saturday, but he hasnt replied yet… so i dont know if its comming :thinking: anyway, is this uni ready to handle a magura hydrolic brake system? :thinking: :thinking:

what’s all this hype about the DX 32 rim?? I think it’s waaaaay over-rated. Personally I find it to be pretty flimsy. Every time I go out for I ride I hope not to break it cause so far I think I may have destroyed it like 5 times, have it retrued until finally there was no point in re-trueing it and I had to buy another.

hopefully it holds up, i cant wait to ride it , i havent rode in 5 or 6 months.