anybody got a good Uni pumkin design?

I want to make my jack-o-lanter this year into a unicyclist, or something. I was wondering if anybody has done this before, and better yet, if they have pictures…

anyway, remeber that t shirts make, uh, the perfect treat on holloween… only 15$ (free shipping) email me now!


Re: anybody got a good Uni pumkin design?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I got tired of waiting for people to respond, so I made this:

the black part being the part you carve out, leaving the red in place, I hope it will be structurally sound. John childs is an enginere, he should be able to analize the integrity of the shape! shirts, still available…

only 15$…free shipping…

they are, uh, moving fast, get them while you, uh, still can…


I need to point out that I’m an IE which stands for Imaginary Engineer. I also have a software engineering degree which is another of the “soft” engineering fields. :slight_smile:

I declare the design structurally sound if milled in plastic and used as a window hanging. The design’s soundness when carved into a pumpkin is questionable. The pumpkin would have to be fresh and well chilled. The heat from a candle inside of the pumpkin will cause the design to droop and sag in places where the rider should not droop and sag. After careful engineering analysis it is determined that using a 3 watt to 5 watt light bulb inside the pumpkin for illumination instead of a candle is advisable.


I here by declare roadflares as the only acceptable form of jackolantern illumination.

if fire scares you, a million+ candlepower spotlight is also an acceptable option.

lightbulb… weak dude.

Instead of cutting the open areas completely out, just remove the skin so the light will shine through but leave the flesh for strength. You can still cut out the large areas if you want, but leave the wheel, etc. closed but skinned. This is discussed on

Have fun. Photos, please!:slight_smile:


You don’t want to cook the pumpkin by using a road flare because then the pumpkin design will get soft and mushy. At least that is my opinion after careful imaginary engineering analysis of the structure.