anybody fancy an extreme unicycle race?

just wondering if there is any interest among RSU members to have an extreme unicycle race (eco-challenge style) (but shorter) or a 24-hour unicycle race of some kind?

That would be so cool!

Re: anybody fancy an extreme unicycle race?

with ‘reality TV’ constantly on the look-out for new ideas, maybe someone can sell this idea to a network?

Can it be in Australia? :slight_smile:

Or let’s make it a 24 hour extreme snow race here in Finland. Let’s go to Lapland to ride some little hills that are cowered with some meters of snow.:slight_smile: And in the middle of winter the temperatures can be below -30 C (-22 F), sometimes even lower than -40 C (-40 F). That would be so much fun.

No, No! Pick me!!

Its quite an adventure to ride a unicycle 15 miles through the mud.

Wow! i wasn’t expecting to get much support here, but it seems like a lot of people are interested… The only problem now is that almost all of us live on diffrent continents… :frowning: I don’t know how far some of us would be willing to go to race on unicycles… or maybe this should be set at the same time as UNICON 12 and have the race in Japan?

Perhaps we could try to find sponsors to finance not only the race, but also individual sponsors to cover travel expenses?

So I guess what I’m asking is HOW interested are people in trying to do this???

During summer time (between second week of May and last week of August) I could come almost anywhere if I just have enough money. I’d really love to meet with some other unicyclists.

Well realistically I may be willing to travel as far as New Zealand. I’ve got a few unicycling events coming up and they all cost money so I’m a bit restricted. I’m still planning to hold an Freeride Muni Competition here in Australia some time. I’m going to hoopefully test it out on a much smaller and less formal scale at the Weekend of Australian Muni.


i can host it here…the amazon rain forest…

wow… the amazon rain forest would be amazing. unarueda, if you’re serious about this, shoot me a PM sometime, and we’ll talk. thanks

We’ve also got some pretty awesome adventure racing athletes and events in NZ- check out
The Southern Traverse, Coast to Coast etc

Perhaps we could get into some a number of adventure races already being run? They all seem to have a variety of different disciplines like Kayaking, abseiling, cycling, mountain running etc which should even things out a bit.

And we have the Taupo Day/Night Thriller 12hr Mountainbike race which had over 3000 competitors this year and also the 24hr Rotorua Moonride which had about 1500 competitors. Lot’s of fun singletrack and a great atmosphere.

Anyway, I guess I’m biased. If there was a unicycle adventure race I may consider going as far as necessary depending on when and where it can be scheduled.