Anybody ever used these with their HS-33???

Goodridge Steel Braided tubing kit as seen here???

From what I understand all the parts are reusable unlike standard magura ferrules/olives, so you never have to have extra parts ever again should you change/shorten your hydraulic line!!!

Come in clear

and carbon!

It doesn’t look like it includes the fittings necessary to make the crossover line for the Magura rim brake. It’s the crossover line that most needs to be the steel braided line. The plastic crossover line gets messed up (kinked or broken) too quickly from muni use.

My brake line is some after market line put together by a local DH bike shop. I don’t know what brand the line is. It’s stronger and more kink resistant that the stock plastic Magura line, but I don’t think it’s as flexible as the steel braided Magura line. It works well enough for me. The bike shop puts it all together for me for about $35 which includes the fittings. It doesn’t use the olive style fittings.

Yea, it doesn’t come with the crossover and it’s fittings, I’d have to buy that separate… It could get costly to change to steel braided… :slight_smile:

Oh John another question. Does the steel braided cross-over from Magura use their typical ferrules or does it have re-usable parts???

The Magura steel braided line does not use the olive style connectors that are used on the plastic line. They’re reusable fittings.

Here’s a PDF from Magura that shows how to install the braided hose and includes pictures of the fittings:
How to cut the braided hose
The PDF is linked on the Magura home page. Go to their Downloads section.

Something to note about the Magura braided line. The braided crossover connects differently to the slave cylinders than the plastic crossover. The Magura braided crossover has a M8 connector at one end and a M6 connector at the other end. The plastic line has M6 connectors at both ends. What this means is that the Magura braided line connects to different holes in the slave cylinders than the plastic line. You cannot use a plastic main hose and a Magura braided crossover hose together because there is only one M8 hole on the slave cylinders and both the main line and the crossover line will have an M8 fitting. The PDF document should make this somewhat clear if you look carefully at the picture of the rim brake.

However, you can use an aftermarket braided line and get M6 fittings put on both ends of the crossover line. You’ll just not be using original Magura branded parts.

Oh, and if you want to get the Magura braided line give Trialsin USA a call. He’s got a supply of all Magura small parts and will be able to sell you the parts and extra hose necessary for you to make your own longer crossover to fit over the 3" Gazz. He’s got good prices too. The Magura braided line ain’t cheap, especially once you factor in the extra cost for the fittings and hose to make your own longer crossover.

Darren Bedford may also be another source for the Magura braided line kit. I think he’s carrying it now.

Speedgoat would be another likely source.

the Goodridge housing has a nice plasticy coating on the outside.i think this is nicer that the bare medal Magura line.if i ever have to buy new braidind line,i think i would go with the Goodridge.

Thanks for the info John, I work at a bike shop so I’ll do all my purchases there…the beauty of the employee discount! :wink:

I agree with you Jagur, I think Goodridge cabling appears superior to Magura’s. Here is what I think I will do. I’m gonna order the Goodridge Carbon REAR Hose Kit which is 1650mm’s, the front brake kit is only 900mm’s and only about $2 cheaper. Might as well spend a few bucks for the extra spare length. The kit will come with two M6’s so then all I have to do is buy an extra M6 and M8 and I can make my own cross-over out of the Goodridge tubing! AND I’ll have plenty of leftover cable for those unforseen emergencies.

In the end it’ll make the project as cost effective as possible! I should get out under $55 (not including my shop discount). If I bought the cross-over from Magura it would bump that price up a good $25

Hmm, I just noticed that the Goodridge hose comes with two M8’s and that would not be correct according to what you are saying John??

Cool, looks like you’re set.

One other weird thing about the Magura braided hose is that one end of each hose (the main hose and the crossover) has a factory installed fitting that does not look like it’s removable. The other end of each hose is bare and ready to be cut and then fitted with a user installable fitting that should be removable if you later want to shorten the hose.

I actually have a Magura braided hose kit with an extra length of hose that will be used for the crossover. I got the Magura hose from Trialsin USA and I was planning on using it on my Coker. But the brake I got for my Coker from Ben already had a braided crossover so I didn’t end up using the Magura braided line. Right now it’s sitting in my parts box. I’ll find a use for it soon enough.

That should be OK for the main line. The brake lever has an M8 and one of the slave cylinders has an M8. Then your crossover would need to have two M6’s.

You’ll need to double check that the lever does indeed take an M8. I looked at mine and it does look like it’s an M8, but I’m not taking it apart to verify.

My aftermarket brake hose has a clear plastic coating. It’s nice in that it keeps the brake hose from scratching up the paint on the frame. It’s not so nice in that it shows visible creases when it gets bent too much. It doesn’t kink, but it does show a crease.

The genuine Magura braided hose is more flexible and won’t show any kink marks.

I posted a picture of my brake in my Miscellaneous Stuff gallery.
Aftermarket Magura Brake Hose picture
The photo also shows the fittings that were used. The fittings on the crossover line are rather large.

I’m planning on getting some Goodridge hoses, for my new HS33’s and I was wondering if someone could clear up the whole process for me. From reading John, and Zod’s convo it would seem that it is a pretty complicated process.

If someone could simplify it for me and just say this is what I need it would be really helpful. I can get all the parts from a local shop, so I would much prefer to do Goodridge over Mag just because it will be cheaper.

It’s only complicated when you try to explain it. Just be aware that there are both M6 and M8 threaded holes on the brake cylinders. A new crossover hose will need to fit either M6 and M8 threads or M6 and M6 threads. It all depends on your particular brake configuration. Be flexible. Have access to the parts you might need (M6 and M8 connectors) and do it.