Anybody else using astral projection to ride RTL?

I have decided to ride RTL via astral projection. Anybody else gonna be there this way? I’m gonna save bucks on travel and can still work since most everybody else in my office is out tomorrow and I wouldn’t have been able to get the day off anyway. Win win!

I can’t do astral projection but I am “Telepathetic“. That means while I’m physically riding in Knoxville Tennessee I can still be pathetic at RTL.

Hey, let’s form a team. We’ve already won but let’s form one anyway. Do we need a couple of other folks? We could be Team Phantom or Team Astraproj. Maybe we could even think of a cool name. I’ll project over and we can discuss it.

Don’t bother. Buster and I have already worked out the details. If he won’t tell you, get Sonya Fitzpatrick to get it out of him.