Anybody done 12 or 24hr Muni in U.S.A?

Yep, I definitely have to echo Nathan’s comments. Ouch! I definitely won’t do another “long” muni ride like this on a 24x3. I’d been much better off on my 28" Yuni with my 26x3 Gazz. I really just should have brought them both. Oh well, live and learn. I think this course would have been a little much for a coker because of all the tight turns and narrow sections with technical “features.” But a 29er or large Gazz tire would do fine. I’d just been doing all my training on the 24x3, up to 20 mile muni rides with lots of climb and felt pretty comfortable with this set up. It just meant I was slowwww! My 28" Yuni was getting pretty old and I still have square taper cranks on the thing and I didn’t know how much life it would have had out there for a punishing ride that long. For my next muni I’d like the KH29 but would put my 26x3 Gazz on it. But, yes, definitely err on the side of a larger tire. Even if you have to walk some of the climbs you’ll be much faster on everything else!