Anybody coming to the North Bend Uni Convention on April 9?

Is anybody coming? Also, I need directions… Thanks! What time should I come so I can do freestyle stuff? I don’t really care that much about trials and MUni. Finally, how many people have RSVP’d so far?

-TyTy the Uni Guy <<< I just made that up!

WHAT!! WHAT !! you dont care for muni or trials …you sicken me, muni is the greates thing to ever be created, with all the crazty drops and technical ladders it has to be one of the most physically demanding styles of unicycling. Heres a question for you Tyler have you really tried trials or muni???

oh and to answere your question I might be going to this unicycle thing at north bend. my group was invited so it depends if I have anything goin on on the 9th

well if i pass my drivers which is in 3 hours i might come. it will probably the longest drive with my license so far. where is it?

North Bend is approximately 35 miles east of the Seattle waterfront. It is a small town in the foothills of the Cascade mountains at the base of Snoqualmie Pass. It is best known as the location of Mount Si, a very popular mountain for hiking. It became known throughout the world in 1989 as the setting for director David Lynch’s, “Twin Peaks,” television miniseries.

The event is being held at North Bend Elementary School. The school’s address is 400 East 3rd Street, North Bend, Washington 98045. The school is located roughly in the middle of the town, several blocks east / northeast of the intersection of Bendigo Boulevard and North Bend Way.

Driving directions:

  • From BC, take Interstate 5 south to Interstate 90 east in Seattle.

  • Exit Interstate 90 at Exit 31.

  • Head north on Bendigo Boulevard (State Route 202) past the outlet mall on the left and the gas stations / restaurants / Safeway on the right. You will pass over the Snoqualmie River and a set of railroad tracks.

  • Continue straight through the intersection of Bendigo Boulevard and North Bend Way. Tweed’s Cafe will be on your right as you pass through this intersection. This was the infamous diner in, “Twin Peaks,” where one could get, “the world’s best cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.”

  • 3rd Street will be the second right, two blocks after the intersection of Bendigo Boulevard and North Bend Way.

  • Keep going straight on 3rd Street through the stop signs for about three long blocks. It ends in the parking lot of North Bend Elementary School.

  • The riding events will be held in and around the gym. The gym is to the right of the main parking lot and to the right and slightly behind the main school building, through the fence.

I will be there, as will my 13-year old brother. I’m planning on passing level seven, and taking some freestyle workshops.

When I asked this same question earlier, John Childs replied that he was coming, and I was also informed that Irene Genelin was probably going to be there to teach one of the freestyle workshops.

Given the schedule and the nature of the event, I suspect you’ll be able to do freestyle stuff just about the whole time.

There will be more than just the North Bend and RSU groups.

Several of the Uniques and many local school-based unicycle groups will be in attendance.

Just a reminder that this will be a skills only workshop day, no competition.
If you are under 18 you will need a release form filled out by a parent. email me at unicyclenews (at) aol(dot)com I will send a copy. You can bring it with you when you come. If you are over 18 or coming with a parent it can be filled out at the door.
Reg. fee is $5. Dinner will be served 5:30-7. We are having our 8th annual Gumbo dinner. $6 or hot dog dinner for $3.
USA memberships forms will be available.
As for passing level 7, if you haven’t tested with an offical skill tester for levels 1-6, you will have to pass them as well, in order.
We have about 40 riders, not including any of our own riders coming.

Any questions, just ask

I know. I’m practicing hard on levels six and seven, and I actually rode both consectutively without any errors for the first time today. :slight_smile: I have levels 1-5 down solidly.