any way to remove to headbadge¿

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the reason I want to remove it is cause it is annoying me and it ruin the look of my uni


i like the look of the headbage on my uni

yeah but it pisses me off I like the look of a unicycle thats had a “brazzilian”
(damn thats conjuring up icky images in my head)

dude, your 12… calm your imagination down :slight_smile:

just pull it off or pry it off with some tools making sure not to sratch your chrome. your likely to be left with some of the adhesive but you’ll get it all off eventually (i know i did)

was the chrome fine underneath?

yup its [the chrome] fine. i can post a picture if tony ever returns the batteries i use in my DSLR. gosh

cool, im gonna have to do that to my frame… i don’t like the badge much myself… it’s be easy for powdercoating as well

nah I just hsve an adult/wacked sense of humor

try use a screw driver first than use some chemical that will burn all the crap underneth it off, something a lot stronger than nail polish.

nah, dont use anything metal on the chrome… use a strong plastic lever of some sort.
i think i got the adhesive off without any chemicals or anything… its a thick piece of rubbery stuff that just peels off if your lucky, if your unlucky (like me) then you have stuff left on the frame (grey adhesive rubber stuff) which will come off with a plastic scraper or soemthing

Use spit, lots of spit!

Spit some on, rub it around, loosen it right off, the extra adhesive that is, just use a plastic tire iron to play the badge off.

you got it jerrick, thats pretty much all it needs

Whats a Brazzillian…hmmm

Your too young!

Rock on!

how do the powdercoatings hold up on Muni’s these days… I think that it could crack off… I know it can on Jeeps that go off road…

I need your $.02

ive heard there awesome, but I don’t know from personal experience…