any Virginia unicyclists?

I was wondering if anybody in Virginia unicycled (besides John, Sam, Houston, and Frank)? If so, where in Virginia?

Nick Brazzi is in Northern VA, and I’m not too far away when I’m at home in MD.

I know theres at least 1 other rider from the Richmond Area.


Yeah, I’m in Fairfax. There’s also a fairly new guy on the board from Richmond who I keep forgetting to make contact with.

Re: any Virginia unicyclists?

There’s two of us in Fredericksburg; David Critchfield & John Jones. I hope
to play a little uni hockey at the University of Maryland festival
April12 -13.


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> I was wondering if anybody in Virginia unicycled (besides John, Sam,
> Houston, and Frank)? If so, where in Virginia?
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Hi Hell-on-wheel

I’ve talked with you before. I want to ride w/ some folks… I’m getting really good at BC wheel & uni but I have nobody to ride with. I don’t do Muni b/c I don’t have a Muni worthy wheel. I like urban riding. I just got my new 5’ giraffe. I can do no hands kickup mount, 1 leg riding, and other misc stuff. I just want to ride w/ some folks!! I use to make videos but my camera is done for.

ANYONE CONTACT ME if you want to organize a ride. I’m willing to go down to Richmond on a Saturday for a ride…I really want to ride URBAN~~ :slight_smile:

I’m in Mount Solon VA near Harrisonburg. I’m about 2 hours west of Richmond.

Max McWhirter- Richmond VA

edit- joejumps4fun, me and one of my friends are almost always riding richmond on saturdays. we’re going to be down there this weekend, saturday june 2nd at around noon, if you wanna come down pm me for directions or hit me up on aim- unirox13

Fairfax VA here.

anyone is willing to drop by the the aformentioned ride. just pm me for directions and where we’ll meet.

I am kind of more interested in setting up a long distance ride…perhaps on skyline drive. Frank, PDC, others with cokers…let me know if you would be interested. I have always wanted to tackle skyline drive on my unicycle.

It’s 105 miles right? You know, the best way to do these things is just to do them. For that distance it’d be easiest to just ride in a day, rather than camp. Is there any way to get a lift to the start and end points?

If it was possible you could do it a week on Tuesday (like 12th June), or Saturday 16th June, then I could tag along! It would be awesome.


Wow, this is an old thread from the HoW glory days. The original poster actually isn’t me but Hugh Zeigler, who stopped riding years ago. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town for a week starting June 2, but you should come and ride with Max, et al. Sounds like you’ve built up quite a repertoire. Definitely the best way to learn new tricks and techniques is riding with other folks. Hmm…perhaps another semi-organized Richmond event is in order.

edit - Oh yeah, I’m definitely up for a Skyline ride, don’t know if I’m currently in shape for a spurt of the moment century ride though. Most I’ve done in a day is 75 miles, and that was with several months training, and it still wore me out good.

I’d like to do part of Skyline as well. Since I’ve moved back to the mountain I’ve been riding exclusively Muni. My poor 36er has been collecting dust. I’d definitely wouldn’t be up to 100 miles. I wouldn’t want to be a ball and chain to the regular bigger distance riders.

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