Any used unicycle for sale?

Hi just looking for a used unicycle for a decent price? preferably one for free style/ street. And I live in cobourg, ontario


ill sell you my norco for $100 and you pay shipping.

where you live? and got a pic of it just get one off the inter net or sumething if you dont have camera. and what size is it?

i live in hamilton ontario and ive got some pics…hold on a minute.

ok i found a pic. the way it looks now is on the right. only now it has a diff seat and the apint is obviously not as pretty anymore. its a 20"er and is still in perfect riding condition

WOO HOO another person from ontario!!!

man, i need 2 move 2 there or some where in the u.k …seems like there more unicyclists there …and it also seems cooler!!

ok how big is the tire and apparently I need a 26inch unicycle? does like the seat go higher and why you getting rid of it?

you should check the trading forum too. that’s usually where that stuff gets posted

it will be fine for you and im getting rid of it to fund another uni and i never ride it anymore.

i meant Ontario CANADA! lol

why dont you ride it any more? because its crappy? lol

Any body els with a uni for sale?

no… its a beautiful uni for a beginner. i wou,d get it if i were you

Go Ontairo Uniists!

Hey Trails Uni-
What kind of paint did you use on that uni? It looks great… I want to paint mine but fear it being a disaster…


How good is a norco uni like is it a good brand name?