Any updates on X USA guy?

Has anyone heard of, or even manage to meet up with the man who is/was trying to ride across the US? Patrick Thomas (could have made that name up, but I’m sure it’s that!)?

How is he progressing? And is he still on that stock Schwinn?

You did not make up the name - Patrick Thomas is correct - I meet Patrick on my way home after NAUCC, between Steamboat Springs and Denver. His website is pedal the waves, according to it he’s made it to Lincoln, Nebraska although it hasen’t been updated since August 2nd.

Here’s the post I made about meeting him

His photo section hasn’t been updated since before I meet him - I took a couple of pictures for him that aren’t in it yet.

I have recieved an email from Patrick Thomas:

I’ve asked him about his itinerary for the last day so that I might ride with him again for his triumphal entry into NYC, anybody else want to go? I imagine that his date of Sept. 13 will change, so don’t plan for that date being it.

in response to an email that I sen him Patrick sent me this:

Let’s see if we can make Patrick’s arrival into NYC a parade of cycles, all kinds, not just uni, but ANY cyclist that wants - his cause is bigger than just uni. I will post his itinerary when he verifies it.

Very cool. Brian thanks for passing along the update. I find it extremely inspirational when ordinary people do extraordinary things. It makes me realize what is possible when you are determined. The fact that he shares his struggle, and how others inspire him to continue makes it all the more inspiring.

I would love to be there to see him complete this journey. I won’t be able to though. Maybe you can help promote the event and get some TV station to cover the last day. Great human interest story. Then we could all enjoy the completion by video. If not that, at least see to it someone is there to video the event.:slight_smile: