Any Unicyclists

Are there any unicyclists in the victorville or High Dessert area.
And anyone who is in a club in the high dessert.
Ohh… and does anybody know how to be officially tested, I tested myself using the levels chart(not the one that goes by some method of points, dont know how to use it)and following the rulebook strictly and watching video clips of others perform the tricks,had to learn most on my own. And GILD i’m 15 still a kid.

high dessert

While “high dessert” does conjure some interesting imagery, I think you live in the high DESERT.

Re: high dessert

Sorry, High Desert, Im a little Hungry:)

I just wanted to mention something that John Foss brought up a while ago. That was to have more descriptive subject lines. Most of us are guilty of using vague subject (myself included). It really helps when browsing the forum if descriptive subjects are used.

good point, and yet, you know you wouldve clicked anyway… too many of us waste too much time on this forum…