Any Unicyclists Vegetarian/Vegan?


I was just randomly curious as to how may people unicycle that are either vegan or vegetarian.

I’ve been vegetarian since the tail end of August of this year, and I ride urban trials. I haven’t found riding a problem…I get fatigued after hours of trials…but that’s it. My wounds heal normally, and aren’t created easily. (My only problems are the mental blocks of the psyche)

I would post this in “just conversation,” but I’m also wondering what people’s inputs are on this form of lifestyle in regards to riding, especially for the more aggresive aspects of the sport.



ive been vegan for i while, i guess almost 3 years by now. if anything, its advantageous, because of the lower fat/cholesteral intake.

Brown rice w/beans or tofu, baby (with lotsa garlic).
Peanut butter and dense whole wheat bread.

I’m not strictly veggie - I eat things that had faces sometimes, not often enough to make a difference - and I’ve played competitive ultimate (a slightly active sport) for 21 years without noticing reduced output.

What’s your diet like? Do you eat combos like the above - mixes of whole grains and bean-type stuff?

are you asking me?

i cook for myself in the dorms, so my menu is not as fancy as when i am home but ill give you a basic breakdown of what i eat.

roasted potatoes- stick some cubed potatoes in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes with onions, lots of garlic, cumin, and all those tasty italian seasonings.

stir-fry- i often stir fry mushrooms, onions, and tofu with soy and put it over pasta or rice.

fried rice- stir-fry up tons of veggies, tofu, and the rice.

pasta- its simple, but pasta with garlic and red pepper or a mix of italian seasonings (this if for late night snak usually).

garlic bread- bread, margarin, red pepper, garlic in the oven.

guacamole and chips - mmmmmmm, guacamole.

steamed broccoli and rice, sometimes i cook fresh bread and pizza dough to make a veggie pizza, spaghetti, baked tofu with rice or pasta, sometimes i make sushi

i eat out a lot, usually general tso’s bean curd or a veggie burrito.

“Vegetarians, you suck!”

-The Plants

Wow, thanks muniracer…I wasn’t riding around the time that that was posted…My uni broke, and I didn’t want to depress myself further over not being able to ride…Then I got a new trials rig…

There are a lot more people who don’t eat meat than what I expected…

Let’s see…I’m a college student, but my cafeteria does offer a good blend of vegan and vegetarian food items…I do drink lots of milk/juice (usually skim milk)…I eat cereal, varieties of bagels, varieties of beans, even tofu!! I decided to go for so many reasons, and one of them deals with a dietician instructing me that a plant-based diet was proper for a cancer survivor like me, who has one kidney…so I lay off of the protein, and thinks that are high in salt content…

I have a lot of vegan soups at a little cafe, on the weekends…Surprisingly, the most of the best food that I’ve ever eaten were vegan!! I had some vegan chocolate pie, with tofu…mmm I definitely misjudged it’s creamy, wholesome goodness…Oh yeah, it had peanut butter in it too!

I try to keep a variety of food in my system…I feel really healty, especially adding all the walking, and unicycling that I oft do. The men in my family have beer guts, and I’m determined also to not have one…ever!!! I’ve been through enough surgery to last me for life!! My peers usually send out comments of “gosh, you’re skinny man, you’re like a twig” and I’ve noticed how vegetarianism has slimmed me down, and I feel comfortable with it, just as long as I don’t become gaunt looking:)


I need to go to bed…ugh…i hope all of that made some sort of sense

i agree :angry:

if your a vegetarian or vegan to apply the least harm principle, you may want to see these sites

Least Harm Principle

What are the reasons that you are vegetarian/vegan?

I know some people that are because they say its wrong for people to kill animals for any reason including food. Some tell me its better for them.

Fats are good for you. Be sure you’re getting good fats in your diet. They should contribute to 30% of your daily calorie intake.

Don’t take this as advice to go grab some McDonald’s bigmacs!

… You should be alright though, vegan and all.:wink:

i am not a vegan because of animal rights, but the theories put forth by those sources are laughable. Even though under this “hypothetical situation” less animals overall would be killed, they require an “actual situation” that does not exist nor will it ever. it is true that if everyone was vegetarian, more animals would be killed than if everyone ate a meat and vegetable diet, but since there is a mixture, a person who eats meat “causes” the deaths of more animals than a vegetarian.

the theory says that crop production kills innumerable mice, voles, etc, especially when harvesting soy, which is an essential part for a vegetarian diet while animals can be raised by feeding on foraged food, therefore without the use of tractors or other methods that kill the mice, voles, etc. if you have any knowlege of the meat industry you know that pigs, chickens, and even many of the cows do not forage for their own food. the food is a mixture of harvested crops, including soy, and animals. thus in order to feed these animals, crops must be harvested using tractors, etc. also, (based on the numbers i have heard) generally for every ten servings of this food that an animal consumes, one serving of meat can be taken from it. so in addition to the crops that must be harvested for humans, in order to produce meat many more crops must be produced at a ration of ten to one.

if animals were farmed in farms like the “family farms” as Old McDonald had, then the situation would be much different. but they arent, and because of this, the theory is completely unapplicable.

you could argue though, that by trying to spread vegetarianism, you are advocating the eventual situation where more animals would be killed. :smiley:

edit: i assure you, bob, that i am eating very well. i dont know anything about nutrition, but i assumed that some types of fat are better than others, which is why i brought that up.

even more so

use the SEARCH you freaking post jammers!

I’m not a vegetarian but the deer we had for dinner last night was.


I’m not a vegetarian… in fact, the only green things I like to eat are jellow and candy… ooh, and grasshopper pie… but I digress…

Having gone to a small private hippy high school in the backwoods of NH, where a high percentage of the people were/are vegetarians (no meat products to be consumed on school grounds) I’d say meat has nothing to do with being active… Our X-Country, Track & Field, and XC Ski teams were feared, and full of vegetarians (1 of the XC-Ski guys went on to the last winter olympics, but I don’t know if he’s a veggie or not…)

Clearly a meat eater. Such hostility.

…oh no… I’m getting sucked into another one…

The least harm principal still applies? Why? Because those farming techniques are also used to grow food to feed the cows. Not only that, buy cows eat about 20 lbs of grain per pound of meat produced. Therefore, eating meat still kills many more mice and cute little bunnies.

“Vegan diets are not bloodless diets,” This is true. The exception is when you grow your own food.

I used to be a “born-again vegan” until I realized that as long as I drive a car, drink coffee, eat chocolate and buy non-local and non-fair-trade products that I’m just a big hipocrite.

…but I’m still a (leather-shoe-wearing-hipocritical) vegan.

edit: ok, maybe being vegan isn’t LEAST harm, but it’s definitely LESS harm.

There are several members of our club that ONLY eat things that have a face. No cereal, popcorn, ice cream, greens, et al. They’re missing out on some good stuff, I think . . .


Have any of you tried Gluten/ Seitan? It’s a meat substitute made out of wheat that can actually get a pretty convincing meatlike texture. And you can make it yourself. My wife can’t do tofu (soy is VERY bad for people with a thyroid problem), and so we’ve gone to gluten to get our protein. It can be baked, fried, broiled, barbecued, etc, and one cup of gluten flour makes enough gluten steaks for an entire week for the two of us.
I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m cutting way back on meat for personal reasons (I feel like crap after eating McDonalds). But I still miss the meat texture and flavor, something that Gluten can passibly replicate.

I eat a low meat diet. When I do eat meat, it’s often of the “organic” (no hormones/drugs added) variety. For me, it’s a health choice as well as an ethical choice. I don’t think eating meat is inherently wrong - what’s wrong is the way meat is drugged up and mass produced.

i was vegan for 6 years strict vegan mostly raw, now im vegetarian. thinking i should go back to vegan raw, i was much healthyer back then.