any unicyclists near LA area?

hey, this is shadowuni, infamous coker rider. ive moved and now reside in the LA area and was wondering if anyone rode near there. hit me up for a ride at 215 360 4475.

As of tomorrow I will be living at UCLA. I am planning on bringing a 36", it would be cool to ride sometime.

Ya, there’s a bunch of unicyclists in the LA/OC area! There is a google group email set up here where you can join. We post rides here and there using it. Sometimes we use the forums, or sometimes we just send out emails to people that we know.

We are actually doing a Coker ride starting at the Huntington Beach Pier tonight at 8:30pm and then again on Sunday at 8:30am. Should be pretty casual and fun up the coast along the beach bike path to Seal Beach and back. There is a thread on it here.

Hope to ride with you sooner or later. Do you just Coker? Or MUni too??

Come to oregon. =P

Hey there,

I’m about 30 minutes from LA. I’m always willing to go for a ride with someone, too.