Any unicyclists near Ashland Oregon?

Hey, just wondering if there were any riders around ashland… I’ll be here another two weeks, so if you’d like to ride, just write back… hopefully I can get back to the computer soon. I’m kinda limited to internet cafes, so please be patient! I’m mostly into MUni, but I do some trials as well.

Ashland… thats near Medford isnt it?
You might pass my house on the way :smiley:

On the map, I think theres a few people down there

Yeah it’s pretty close to Medford, I’m already there… or here, however you want to say it. So maybe I already passed by. I went on a wicked ten mile ride down from mount ashland yesterday, but it was with 6 mountain bikers, and I’ve hardly ridden in two months, so now I’m as sore as can be. lol it would maybe be nice to ride with someone more my own speed.