Any Unicyclists in Tucson?

After a 22 year hiatus, I am back in the saddle again. I bought myself a 24 Nimbus Muni for Xmas, and now have a KH20 for fun. Having a great time with the Muni, but it would be nice to not be out there solo all the time. Is anyone else in Tucson doing Muni (or trials or street) ???

I’m in Tucson, but I haven’t done any serious riding in a long time (too much school!). I do bring a 26" on the Tuesday Night Bike Ride almost every week though. Send me a PM and we can possibly go riding some time! (I’m in the campus area, by the way)

Hi Tuscon Uni,

There’s a fairly big group of us in Phoenix that are into Muni, uni basketball and trials. Check out We just recently finished hosting the first every Arizona Mountain Unicycle Weekend. Are you going to Moab this year? There are 5 people from our club attending this year.

  • Mark

I missed out on the Phoenix Muni weekend due to relatives visiting from out of town – also, it being on Valentines Day was making it difficult to negotiate with the wife… How long does it take to get to Moab from Phoenix? I would like to go but I am already committed to a family trip that weekend… maybe I could talk my way out of it, but probably not after buying ANOTHER unicycle (couldn’t pass up the KH29 deal on UDC)