Any unicyclists in the Pittsburgh Area?

I’m new to this kind of communication, so I don’t know if I’ve committed some faux pas by jamming up the board with a selfish request, but I just gotta know if there’s anybody around here that wants to get out and ride a little. I’m in the South Hills area in Mt. Lebanon and have been biking on the Montour Trail and the Panhandle Trail with my kids. I’ve got a 24" Schwinn and am going to get a road cycle, probably a Coker to keep up with my family as they ride the bikes…they’re not super fast. I’d appreciate any responses, even if it doesn’t end up in hooking up for a ride.


Checkernuts on these forums is from Pittsburg. Oh one more thing…



Sorry. I hate the steelers.

Im from Zelienople PA, like 25-30 minutes from pittsburgh, Billham from this board lives in washington county and he rides also. My dad also rides. It would be cool if you could ride in a parade with us or something. I know Billham, my dad and I are riding in a parade soon, Billham got the setup for us so you should get ahold of him and see if we can have another in our group for the parade, I believe the parade is october 9th which is a saturday in the morning.

Here at the house we have

3 24 inch schwinn’s one broken lol, because I broke the seat when I was in high school.
2 20 inchers that I have outgrown and post is to short for me to fit now.

I just ordered a 20 inch Kris Holm Trials Cycle which I hope to have for the parade!

Anybody else that would want do be in the parade, just send billham a pm and see whats up, im not sure if we can add more riders or what i havent asked him but it would be cool to have even more riders haha

Thanks for the replies! If it turns out to be okay to tag along in a parade, I’d come up for that! What a riot! I’m heading out of town for a couple days, but I’ll check this thread to see what’s up.
Is the parade in Zelienople? What’s it for? Good luck on getting the KH in time…did you order if from I’m hoping to get a Coker from them sometime soon so I can keep up with my kids on the bike path.

I ride in Washington Co. quite a bit…would love to hear from the guy who’s there, that’s pretty close to here.


the parade is for the pumpkin festival and is at houston, pa. i live on route 18 north, just a few miles south of hickory. it would be great to have you with us at the parade. the parade starts at 10 am on the 9th, line up time is 9 am. as time gets closer, i can get you more details on where to meet.

where do you ride in wash county? i sometimes ride the rails to trails around cecil and mcdonald. i have a coker and was hoping to ride with my wife and daughter but my wife is too fast on her bike for me to keep up. sometimes we will go out and she rides slower so i can keep up. my 7 year old daughter is a little slow for me (on the coker) when she is riding her 20" bike, but it works okay. she also rides a 16" uni. i hope to get her onto a 20" uni soon.

watch the byron smialek column in the observer reporter for some stuff on me. i ran into byron tonight while i was riding my coker and he interviewed me and said he will probably put something in his thursday column. that might help stir up a little more interest in the area.

welcome to the forum and glad to have another rider in the area.

Bill Hamilton (billham)

I live in Oakland (I go to pitt) I’m always up for a ride but lately I havent been getting around much. I sold my car a little while back so I dont have the means to get out to the suburbs and meet up with other riders.

As bill said welcome and hopefully we can all get together for a ride soon.

I ride that same section of the Montour Trail on my bike with my family. I’ve ridden on the Bethel Park section with my uni. It blows me away that you have a 7-year-old on a unicycle. My oldest is 7…maybe its time to see if she wants to give it a try! Hickory is up near Moraine State Park??? Have you ridden up there?

Should I be brushing up any skills for riding in a parade? I haven’t checked all the details, but I figure I’m probably around a 2 in the skill level department. Thanks for replying this thread, I look forward to hearing about starting place details on the parade. Any suggestions on a kid uni? Hopefully something with a cheap seat if I remember what I did to mine learning.

Very cool logo Checkernuts…I’ve been meaning to ask what the tool is to set that up. I get into Oakland all the time (Phipps, Museums, art classes for my girls, etc.), and would be glad to drive to any ride. Just have to fit it in the family schedule. Thanks for the heads up. --Bob Lauver

this is awesome more riders for the parade, I cant wait, been practicing one footed alot lately I think im ready to try it in the parade:D

Yes I ordered the KH trials from, they said hurricane depending might ship out the 22 if not alittle later. Hopefully those hurricanes dont affect it!



want to meet up for a ride at Cecil Park on the rails to trails? i could ride my 24" so we’d be cruising around the same speed. how about some evening? i get off work at four and could get to the park easily by 6 pm. how soon could you get to the park?

you’ll do fine for the parade if you are level 2. all you need to do is ride a uni in a parade and most people are impressed. we just do a few group skills but we are pretty casual about group stuff since we don’t get together to practice for parades.


hey checkernuts - maybe it’s time to get the troops together in pittsburgh for some urban riding. you plan the ride and we show up to ride with you! that way you don’t need a car!


I’m heading out of town this afternoon and won’t be back until late tomorrow night…how 'bout Thursday? Where do you start on that Cecil section…at Cecil Park or on the other side of the National Tunnel? Also, would you bring your Coker along so I could take a look? Only seen pictures of those things.


i think thursday night will work for me. i usually start at Cecil Park since it’s close to me. It also offers some areas for freestyle riding. i will gladly bring my coker.

contact me via personal mail or this thread when you get back and we can firm up details for the ride.



I’m back in Pittsburgh but due to a family emergency I’ll probably be out of town again by Friday. I’ll save the details for a more closed forum (my e-mail is: I was thinking that we might have an opportunity to get together at Cecil Park and our girls could play there while we did some riding…soon. I’m sorry to have to delay, but I just have to. I’d be happy to fill you in if you drop an e-mail. If this thread is still going Tuesday, I’ll probably be trying to set something up by then! Thanks,

Bob (unidaddy)


My son wants a unicycle for Christmas…any suggestions on where to buy in the South Hills or even what size/kind you would recommend? Where do you like to ride?