Any unicyclists in the Champaign, IL/ central IL area?

I hope this is the correct forum for this, but is there anyone that lives in or around Champaign, IL or within an hour of here? There are a few guys here on campus who ride and I just wanted to see if there were any more.

You should have posted in Just Conversation…

Anyway, I used to live in Pekin. I grew up there, and learned Uni.

I’ve never seen any othere uni’s when I was down there.
My Uni was bought in Peoria.
So, maybe a personal ad in thier paper might work better, since most of the people I know there don’t even own computers.


but im not one of them.

Looking for people to ride with? This is the correct forum to post in.

Yeah. Ride, hang out, learn skills, whatever. :slight_smile: