Any unicyclists in North Carolina?

Hey. I just got a full scholarship to UNC at Chapel Hill!! So i’m going down to see the place on March 8th late at night until the 11th. So i’ll be around there, and I’m wondering if there are any unicyclists down there that might want to ride. I might not have time, but if I do, I’ll have my uni cause Im coming straight from TOque. and if not, i’ll be there all next year! see ya, Kevin

i go to north carolini on trip pretty often, this time i will bring my uni.Im going to move there when im older.:smiley:

There are a few in this list . Congrats on the scholarship!

I dont live in NC but on your way back you can stop by the philly area and ride with SWAT. We’re just off of I-95 you can stay at a house if you want to also. Its fine if you decline. mmm rymage.

Thanks for the offer tim, but I’m flying back out of the Raleigh Durham airport. sorry, maybe sometime though.


Your welcome, I forgot about flying. That would be a long trip to drive. Silly me:D . Yeah if any one ever is in the way of the philly area just give us a email.

I think my friend is wanting to go to that school he still has a year to deside but he was really considering that one. A full scholarship is awesome congradulations on that.

any other NC unicyclists out there?

Unicyclists - I just moved to Raleigh!
lets ride!

There is a group of 3-4 of us that ride regularly in the Raleigh, Cary area.

I’ve seen you resurrect some old threads seeking riding partners in your new city. I’m not in your area but thought I might be able to help by suggesting the map function. It’s on the top blue row between links and donate. I’ve added my latitude and longitude but there aren’t many of “us” in these parts. It might also help to update your location in you User CP as it still shows Albany, NY. Good luck finding someone to ride with but don’t under-estimate quality alone time in the woods. Just be careful. We don’t want to read about you in the newspaper. Now go ride!

I’m in that group of 3 or 4 with minimalist in the Raleigh/Cary area. We try to get together about 3 times a week.


Oh, I see this tread was originally from 2005. rolandisimo already knows about our group.