Any unicyclists in Hawaii?

Hi all,

A friend of mine in Honolulu (Indy Schneider <>) has just started unicycling and is
very enthusiastic about promoting the sport there.

Does anyone know of unicyclists or unicycle clubs in Hawaii?

Stay on top, Jack Halpern
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

Yeah jagur I did miss this thread the first time around.

I am a unicyclist in Hawaii. East Honolulu to be a bit more specific. I also know a few other riders. If anyone wants to contact them, please contact me (fingerpies (at) yahoo (dot) com).

You know how I always talk about how small this island is? Well, it is. The other day when I was getting me new Summit checked out at my LBS (See this thread) I met Indy. We had a brief chat in which he mentioned his interest in joining/starting a club.

As for clubs in Hawaii, I don’t know of any. If there was one, I’m sure I’d know. I have been wanting to start one.

There is an ad up in all the bike shops for this guy wanting to start a unicycle hockey club/leaugue. I haven’t met him, but I did call him. It seems that he doesn’t have enough players yet, but when he does, we can start playing.

I would very much like to start/join a club here in Hawaii. It’s about time.