Any unicyclists in Guelph??

I’m moving to Guelph (University) in September, and was wondering if there are any other riders in that area.

I live in guelph. I think there are also a few other people who unicycle in guelph but i’m not really sure. If you like trials and street there is a lot of stuff around the university to ride. I like muni best but there isn’t really much of that in guelph exept some stuff my friends and i have built for mountain biking. Some of it is pretty big but there is some that is pretty fun on a unicycle. I can show you that stuff and some street/trials stuff if you want.

Yeah for sure, you can just add me to MSN or e-mail at

i do!!!

Super delayed response

not sure if you’re in Guelph anymore or if you even check this forum but i’m looking for more riders in the area. send me a text if you ever feel like meeting up. (519)546-7009