Any unicyclists in Grenoble?

Hey, I’m going to be in Grenoble in a few weeks, so I’m curious if anyone there wants to ride. I’ll be bringing a 36" wheel.

Hey, you would have more chances of an answer here :

It is the french forum…

If you don’t speak french, post in English !

Hi Eroick!

I am living in Grenoble and would be more than happy to plan for one or two rides with you around here!!!

I actually don’t know many unicyclists in the area - but there are some, for sure. Just do NOT expect me to introduce you to the local unicycling community! We are just not enough to unexpectingly meet other unicyclists while riding - but this time will come, we just need to be patient!

I am more an offroad unicyclist, but I love my 36er for road and gentle offroad uses, and actually did a cool ride yesterday with it, together with my Sunday-time unicyclist mate.

Let me know how long you want to ride, and I could try to define a loop in the valley. If you are ready to climb, that’s also something we could do, however I would like, as much as possible, to stick to my 102mm cranks, as they were so difficult to put in place… but everything is negotiable! :slight_smile:

Also => I usually ride on Sunday for a few hours - but could accomodate to your constraints (if you have any).

Note that I will not be in Grenoble during the 2 last weeks of August => when exactly are you coming here???

Anyway, this is cool to have met on this forum… you’ve been right trying!

Cheers, MadC.

PS: I may have better PM’d you rather than posting this answer to RSU… but eventually realized that it was a pretty unique opportunity for the Grenoble area to say “Hello World!”? :roll_eyes: However, I suggest to discuss further together via our private GMail accounts, OK?