any unicyclists in brazil?

hello everybody

i’m going to brazil (town is called salvador da bahia) on may 10th.
are there any unicyclists for meeting and riding over there?
waiting for answer…


man, Im from Brazil and would be a lot of fun to ride with you but I live thousands of kilometers from Salvador... There are circus groups in Salvador but youll have to look for them… Circo Picolino maybe.

If youre going to pass a few days in São Paulo you can get in touch with Picado. His a member here too. Im in a city called Belo Horizonte and I dont think youll have any reasons to be here. Except if you want to ride with some of the best guys from Brazil… hehehe

that beeing said…
i’m from belo horizonte too… so, take a ride around here and will not regret…
and more motives to come to belo horizonte… beatiful view, mountain unicycling, nice ladies, rock and roll with us…
good enough reasons for any cool person in the world.

meet you here!!!

Hello , iam from Brazil too… but i live in São Paulo as Franscisco said…

Here in São Paulo have some unicycling moviment… but all freestylers.
We also have a weekly unicycle meeting here.

If you are going to make a pass trough São Paulo get in contact…

so i will plan my route through your cities, cuz im going to the south.

see you

sebbe w.