Any unicyclists in Adelaide and/or Canberra?

I will travel to Australia early March for business. Probably I will fly in to Adelaide at March 5 or 6, staying there until March 9. Over the weekend I will proceed to Canberra, where I’ll stay until March 14 or 15. The trip is not yet finally approved. But it is very likely it will happen.
Are there any unicyclists in Adelaide or Canberra who would take me for a ride? I am open for any kind of unicycle riding, where I am a complete newbie to trial and street. My favorites are touring/XC, freestyle, muni. But I am also happy to play basket ball or hockey.
I will bring equipment like helmet, gloves, …, but I cannot bring a unicycle. So I would need to borrow one. I am a pretty tall guy (1,92m) with a crotch length of 98cm (sorry American fellows, this is addressed to the Aussies, and they use meters and centimeters). If needed I can bring a long seat post.
Looking forward to ride with you in Down Under :slight_smile:

Oooooooh preeeetty bad timing! Uninats the Australian unicycle nationals will be held during the time you’re there… And where you’re staying isn’t too far from Melbourne(considering how big Australia is) which is where its being held. Which means… Any REAL keen unicyclists would have left Adelaide and Canberra for Melbourne…

Clearly I’m not a keen unicyclist.

I’m in Adelaide and do mostly muni and commuting. Have a Nimbus trials, kh29 and kh36 to play with.

You should come to melbourne for uninats instead of Canberra. Seriously think about it. Just search uninats for more details.

It is not my choice where to go in Australia, but I have appointments at Adelaide and Canberra. Of course the weekend will be free, and I can decide when and how to travel from Adelaide to Canberra.
Uninats would be an option, as Melbourne is on the way from Adelaide to Canberra anyway. But I am not sure if that is the right place for me. I will not start in competitions, I will not have a unicycle with me, and I need to plan for an additional stop over in Melbourne.
So I’d prefer to meet with ImFalling in Adelaide, having some unicycling fun. Would you be available to meet me for some unicycling, bringing an additional unicycle for me?