Any unicyclist in the Cleveland area?

I would like to start a unicycle club in the Cleveland area. I helped start the Austin One Wheelers years ago and would like to start another club. Maybe we would meet one or two times a week and organize rides going through the city. Anyone with interest let me know.:slight_smile:

Austin One Wheelers.jpg

Sorry I’m not in Cleveland, but I learned to ride there from a college roommate about 32 years ago. I stopped riding soon after, found my way to Austin, and saw you riding your Coker down Guadalupe street and started back riding again soon after that. Is that AJ in the middle? He looks so young!


That is A.J., he was a young pup back then and turned out to be a great unicyclist. I’m so glad that I know him.

I am in Toledo and may be interested since there are none around here. If you are thinking weekend meets I can do that. Weekdays are out because of my demanding job.

Weekend are good

Weekends can work for me. I couldn’t do every weekend but we could plan ahead. Do you do any distance riding at all? There are some great trails around here. I noticed we are about the same age.