Any Unicycler's in Canon City or Florence Colorado?

Are there any street trials or muni unicyclisys in canon city or Florence Colorado? I ride trials. Just wondering because im the only unicyclist I know of in Freemont county.

There are a few riders in Pueblo including myself! We all ride street mainly but I love riding muni.

If you have a Facebook add me! I love riding with other people :slight_smile:

Awesome! Do you guys ever ride at the Florence or pueblo sk8 park?

We ride all over! I have ridden at the skate park in florence a few times but there isnt too much to ride there so I like to ride street in pueblo a lot :slight_smile:

Yes I agree about the Florence park (sadly). what kind of uni do you ride for street? I currently ride a nimbus Vegas (for trials). But I’m gonna upgrade to a rail hunter frame soon. I looked at some of your vids (your good).Have you ever been in a competition?

Thanks man!

I have been to a few of them, they are A LOT of FUN!! I also hosted the first EUC in america at my house this summer. That would of been awesome if you could of came to it. Hopefully this summer I will be able to do it at my house again, everyone that came had a great time!

I like to ride with a 24inch for street, it is soo much faster than a 20inch :wink:

I would love to be at the next EUC! When and where is the next one going to be? Is there a website for it?

Still not a website because the location for it is not certain yet. EUC may take place near NAUCC so riders dont have to travel so far to hit both events.