Any unicycle groups using


I was wondering if anyone has any experience using as a way to organize your group or uni club.

I am interested in using the email program there to get the word out to local riders for Muni, but unsure if it will work for our needs.


I havn’t come across this site before and dont anything about it. But you could try creating a ‘group’ on We use this for our hockey team and has worked really well. It’s downside compared to email i guess is that it requires people to register first. I’m not sure of its popularity in the US but over here in the UK it seems to be gaining popularity so this is less of a problem.

Coincedentaly while riding along a boring road section in the rain today i was thinking about starting a Muni group for riders in the UK.


We were using Meetup for a Labrator Retriever’s group that I belong to and have just switched to a Yahoo group. The Yahoo group is free and looks very much like the Meetup site; Here’s the yahoo group if you’d like to check it out:

and here’s the Meetup group so that you can compare the two: