any uni riders in the south of England???????????????????????????????????????????????

seriously guys, is there any unicyclists in the south of england???(apart from me)

i mean theres plenty of places to ride for all tastes. if you know of anyone who lives down here, please persuade them to start unicycling, we need a community of uni riders to meet up and share info and tricks.

the problem , i think is chavs and townies, they are ruining our community and what we do in it. for example i have 3 local recreational grounds in my area and they are all swarming in the trash we call chavs, mush, townies and scum.

so people get unicycleing !!! lol

Re: any uni riders in the south of England???

Of course there are. How about coming along to the south-west unicycle meet on the 21st May in Ashburton? There should be plenty of people there to swap skills etc.


Re: any uni riders in the south of England???

Maybe you’ll get more responses if you add more question marks.

sout of england?

whereabouts south of england?

there’s me and 3 or 4 other riders in southend!


I live in Epsom, Surrey. A few minutes driving distance from where the Derby horse race happens. I’m alone here, with zero other uni riders in this area.

juggling_unicyclist_joe, seeing as you’ve joined in the last 24 hours or so you might have missed this thread where more UK riders have introduced themselves.

I live in Eastbourne and do much Muni and 29er Cross Country riding on the South Downs, all on my own in this corner of the south though.

I’m in West London. I play hockey with Lunis every Thursday in Tufnel Park - Luni’s Website

I also ride a Coker and do a bit of Muni.



yeah i live in southampton, loadsa great places to ride.
and yeah thanks for that mate i think i will get more replys if i put more questionmarks in my thread!

Bath, SW England… been unicycling since Christmas on 20" trials uni. Need to crack idling now…


I’m in Princetown, on Dartmoor - about halfway between Plymouth and Exeter.

Including myself there are 5 of us in poole/wimborne and i’m at uni in southampton insistute. Also there’s a circus club at the at the insistute on tuesdays, middle bar at the union. meeting at end of happy hour 9 o’clock.

Toby send me a PM

I live in the south!

i live and ride in bristol

Me too. Whereabouts? I’m near Uxbridge myself.

My friend is heading down there to go to uni (versity) in a few weeks. Sadly, he doesn’t unicycle. So, yeh, this is a wasted comment.


Fancy playing hockey? Please respond to this thread: Hopefully I’ll have something running by early October.

more hockey promotion!:slight_smile: if you live anywhere near southampton please check out this