any Trials suggestions?

ok, ive gotten to the point on my torker LX 24 in. where i can free mount and ride forever, i can hop when riding and stall in place. i can also hop up onto things up to about 10 inches high but its hard with a 24 in. wheel. i can also ride of curbs but am afraid of goin off any higher of drops with the LX :astonished: . I weigh about 155-165 lbs. and need advice about a good trials that can go off drops of about 3-4 feet, go down stairs, and you know really take a beating? please give some suggestions. They will be apreciated:D !

  • i was wonder about a 20 in. KH trials 07

DX, Qu-ax trials (not cross), KH07, Koxx Devil (any of them)
pretty much anything with a splined set up

the torker dx, qu ax, or kh 20.

What you want is a splined axle. all 3 of these have one.

The torker is always on ebay, and the kh 20 seems to be out of stock.
The kh 20 is 467$. The dx is around 250 on ebay.

ok thx. how long will a good splined hub last?

It depends really. But if maintenced properly and if you rollout on most drops…with your weight it will last very long. I have had a dx for a long time now and done many many drops with no rollout and haven’t took good care of it and there is no sign of wear on my hub. It doesn’t creek or anything. I weigh the same as you also.

depends. if you take care of it (which isn’t much) a long time. unless you start doing repeated large drops and or landing really bad you should never break it.
basically a really long time

thx for the help, i think im gonna get either the Onza or a KH. Does anyone know where to find a KH now because it seems to be no longer on, does anyone know when it might be back?

I say don’t get an onza. It’s 450$, and for 17$ more, you could have a kh20. The onza is still a good uni, but personally I’d definitely go for the kh20

Bedford unicycles

The KH20 it is then. im gonna try to get one of these and see how it works for me. I hope i wont be disapointed with it. and just wonderin, what is the highest drop that a KH can be taken off of?

probably one greater than your ankles will handle.

ok thx for the help everyone

You could try a splined 24" for trials :wink:

you can buy me the KH and I’ll give you my DX w/ nimbus rim and superreinforced seat!!

I am in a kinda similar situation as uni_runner722.
Except I killed my cx, I only weigh 120, and i can’t afford a kh.
should I get a dx? like this one?

or a nimbus like this one?
or should I just wait and save up for a kh or koxx,
or something else.

How tough are these unis.
can they take 5 foot drops?


well, i know enough about unis that you deffinately dont get the nimbus if your planning on doing 5 foot drops. It doesnt have a slpined hub and cant handle that unless you weigh like 40 lbs. but idk about the DX, one of my friends who weighs like 140 lbs has had one for a year and it is in great shape with nothing bent. i say go for that if you cant afford the KH. but im savin up for the KH and plan to get it in the next 2 weeks

how did you kill your CX?
my friend has been riding his around purely because it is light and taking it off of 3-4ft drops repeatedly and doing 7-8ft gaps on it… that wheelbuild is insanely strong for cotterless… stronger than his LX by far

back on subject, if you can afford the nimbus trials w/ profile cranks GET IT!
you cannot break it… ever… no matter what…(not that people havn’t …but you won’t) otherwise, the koxx and KH’s are awesome
koxx is slightly heavier and weaker though

THe DX can easily take 5 foot drops, but the NImbus that you have pictured isn’t even splined; it’s much weaker than the DX

I love my Nimbus trials, if I had to buy my uni again I would probably still get… its not too expensive, and is pretty strong… but that is for me because I weigh just about nothing… if you have the money, either get the KH or the nimbus trials with profile cranks.

yep the nimbus trials with a profile hub is a great one to get if you can aford it but it is a bit pricey.