Any trials riders in Michigan?


I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life (I’m 19), and I’ve barely bumped into any riders/former riders. If anybody on here lives in the state and is good at trials (or urban trials, whatever), or knows a rider who is but doesn’t frequent these boards, let me know.

Otherwise the only other serious rider I’ve personally came into contact with is my ten-year-old neigbor kenny, four doors down from me. But he’s just beginning to develope skills.

Evan (who could use all the people he can get to ride with)

Hey man, I think you’re the one who just posted in my ‘New Club in Kzoo’ thread. My friend and I are both decent freestyle riders; we’re both level 5 and are getting close to both 6 and 7. There is only one other experienced rider who is about level 3. We’ve been trying to do some basic trials stuff, but we can’t do to much since we only have freestyle unicycles. We’re going to try and get out school to buy a trails for the club next fall. We’re also working on getting a giraffe and about 20 other unicycles. We give lessons every week and ride freestyle in our gym a few times a week. Check back in around late september, we should be back in action. (We live in Minneapolis in the summer.)

Yeah, I posted on that thread.

being that I only have a trials cycle, I’m not much of a freestylist. It’s something I respect more than try on my own. I’ve got a few FS skills, however, but they look like basics to a level 5 or higher rider.

You’ll probably see me around WMU campus (my playground)…Maybe I’ll even bring a car and come check the club out