any tips on starting a local unicycle club? (mostly kids)

wow, I’m thrilled to have joined this forum! :smiley:

We are newbies to the unicyle sport, but we’ve been interested in unicycling for awhile. My 11 year old son is totally hooked. He has made amazing progress this summer, totally trashing an old schwinn we got at a garage sale. We got him a new unicylce and he has recently learned to go backwards. I plan on learning to unicycle as well, but life has been hectic, but it will happen…this winter…i promise…

We have a lot of unicyclers in Seward and my son and I would like to start a club. I’m in the process of collecting names of those interested, but would like to know if any of you have any advice on how to start the club out.

Thank you!

Hi welcome to the forum! You could arrange somewhere for everyone to meet every now and again, practice and play games like uni hockey or something along those lines, that would be fun. Good luck to you and your son, and starting the club :D!

gee, thanks…

I appreciate your encouragement. I found the related posts after I posted this message…I couldn’t figure out how to search for them before. There was some good suggestions made previously.

Really, we’re just a bunch of kids, young and old, who want to get together and play.

I hope to hear what works for other existing clubs.

Also, does anyone know of any alaskan unicycle clubs?


well im young but i dont live near you i live in hiilingdon(btw im 10 and i can ride and jump and stuff so only a bit better than you :stuck_out_tongue: