Any tips on learning a two wheeled unicycle?


Yes. Turn your brain off.

Okay, so it may not be that easy (for most of us). In that case, treat it like learning to ride from scratch. You have the balancing skills already, but your reflexes are all wrong. The idea is to retrain a new set of reflexes, and keep the old ones from rising to the surface.

Use support. My first experience on a 2-wheeler was at my very first unicycle meet. There was no support handy (middle of a parking lot), so I tried to ride it away from a table. Instant hard dismount–OUCH! When I learned to ride for real a couple of years later, I held onto a fence. Also I was lucky to have access to a 16" wheel version, which was easier to handle. Keep the fence or other support handy until you feel pretty solid.

Think before you move. If you keep your brain ahead of your body movements, everything will be fine. It’s when your brain gets ahead that the old reflexes take over.

Is there supposed to be a lot of air in the bottom tire and not so much in the top tire? I’ve been practicing against a fence but I have been having to hold both hands on the fence. Is idling easier then actually riding it?

2 wheelers look super weird to ride

Tips? Sit on the seat facing backwards? :smiley:


Isn’t a two wheeled unicycle an oxymoron :smiley:

Muni123, yeah it’s really awkward to ride, It’s like learning to ride all over again. I learned the BC Wheel in a less time. JerryAtrick I don’t think sitting on it backwards would help much, and yeah joggerdude it’s an oxymoron but it’s also called a inverticycle. Anyone have any more tips?

First of all I totally agree with all tips that John brought up. You just have to learn everything from scratch and try to switch off your reflexes.

Reg. the air/pressure. Yes, the bottom tire should be full (same pressure as in your normal unicycle) and the top tire should have enough air so that the friction between the wheels just works.
I found idling a bit more challenging.
Just learn how to ride forward, next step would be to stop and ride back.
And finally stop the back riding and ride forward again. This is already a good movement to learn idling.
You can also do “easy” tricks like hopping or even rodeo riding.
If you´re an advanced freestyler, you can even try things like wheel walk or koosh koosh. :slight_smile:

Thanks 4everyyoung and John Foss I rode it three blocks today, once I got that one pedal stoke it only took me like 20 minutes to ride a couple blocks. Any tips on freemounting it because I want to be able to ride it in a parade this coming saturday with my unicycle club.

and yeah I’ll probably get the koosh-koosh down i can do it well on a normal uni and now you go forward so it shouldn’t be to hard, I was doing it a long the fence yesterday, but I can’t backwards wheelwalk so the wheelwalking may be difficult

alright thanks everybody heres my video where I ride and freemount it.

Wow, nice job. I think that would take me many magnitudes of time longer than you to learn.

Thanks I was trying it for like like 4 hours straight today, I’ve had it for two days but I got my first pedal stroke today.

Looks like you’re past this now (congratulations), but I would only say that idling is probably safer, since you are holding onto the fence. Same potential for sudden intrusion of “normal” reflexes. For the non-riders of these things, any entry of normal reflexes means instant dismount.

Yes. But what would you call it? Now that there’s a video posted you can see what we’re talking about. The nerdlier among us have come up with the name “bi-verticycle”, I think, but that’s way too nerdly to use in regular conversation. Or to an audience. “Two-wheeled unicycle” goes over a lot better.

Awesome work! I love seeing my unicycles in videos. Get my impossible wheel into one! Work on your wheel walk muni and we can do one together.

Yeah I want to make a video of me just like riding and doing some tricks with all off the alternative unicycles, like the giraffe, 36, impossible wheel, bc wheel, and now two wheeler, and maybe a 12 inch. What did you mean by wheelwalk muni Carl, just what it sounds like?

Yes, wheel walk a mountain unicycle on a trail. I can do my 29" on mild uphill and bumpy terrain but downhill and steeper uphill will require more practice.

o alright

Do you happen to have a 12 inch Carl?

No, I traded mine for a uni with a 4.25" wide tire.