Any Tips on how to ride backwards i cant seem to do it LOL im a newbie i know

Plz ne advice on riding backwards would be great

Find an area which is clear of obstacles and hazards, maybe flat concrete or grass. Then instead of leaning forward and pedaling forwards, lean back and pedal backwards. It takes a while to get, but eventually it’s easy. If you are afraid of falling backwards, perhaps you could wear a helmet. I’ve never landed on my head, but I remember falling backwards on grass when I learned to reverse.

it’s jsut like learning to ride forwards, you just keep going further and further.

Safety note: When you are riding forwards and start to fall forward you pedal faster to stay upright, you know? Well, if you are going backwards, and start to fall backwards, instinct might tell you to pedal harder to stay upright.

The pavement and your spine will let you know not to do this.


Why not pedal harder? It works pretty well for me most of the time. Well, sometimes I just fall backwards because I couldn’t pedal fast enough. But I have never landed on my back because of driving backwards. And after saying that I will crush my tailbone tomorrow when I go practicing again.:frowning:

I practiced driving backwards by stopping, pedalling half or full revolution backwards stopping again, a little bit forwards riding, stop pedal a revolution backwards again. When you get used to it just add more revolutions. I can now manage up to ten meters, most of the time.

My method of learning to ride backwards was what I call the super idle method. A super idle is an idle with some additional backwards revolutions thrown in.

Start by idling in place. Throw in an additional half revolution backwards and then continue the regular idling. When you’re comfortable with that throw in an additional full revolution backwards and then continue idling normally. Keep adding in additional 1/2 revolution backwards as you get comfortable with it. Soon you’ll be up to 3 backwards revolutions, then 5, then 10, then …

This method has the advantage that you generally stay in control. It also has the advantage that from the very beginning you learn how to recover from backwards riding, stop, and ride forwards. It teaches you control. I never had any bad falls backwards while learning using this method.

Learn to ride backwards the same way you learned to ride forwards. With a fence or a wall, just hang on to it and ride.

One more tip for learning: pick a spot out in front of you and stare at it (while you ride backwards directly away from it).

After learning and to ride further or in less open areas: you’ll need to learn to look over your shoulders to see where you are going - but I recommend not doing this initially.

I made the mistake of trying to pedal harder once while I was learning. Falling backwards in this fashion is most unpleasant. Whilst in freefall betwixt seat and ground I was utterly convinced I was going to die. Fortunately my backpack seemed to absorb most of the impact.

Wear a helmet.

Practice idling with each foot down. I don’t think it is necessary to actually be able to idle either foot down, but i reckon it would help. For now, a hand on a wall or post is fine.

Teaching your dominant and non dominant foot how to control that up-coming pedal in the front is what you’re doing.

Then move on to John’s “super idle”

I could idle fight foot down pretty well. But not left foot down. Had lots of trouble with learning backwards until I spent a little time L foot down hanging onto my mailbox. Big strides came quickly after that. (later I even learned L foot idle)