Any tips for fast unicycling

So, hopefully I am going to enter the unicycle road race in horwich this year.

I kind of need to start practising for going fast. I normally just go at a comfortable speed, but I really want to do well. I’m using a KH29

Just wondering;

  • Should I get a 29er road tyre (I'm currently using a 29x2.5
  • What would think would be a better for this, a KH T bar or a Disc Brake If the T-bar, the Muni or Distance? I would use it for both Muni and distance.
  • I'm using 127mm cranks. Would a smaller pair be better? If so what size? 114 or 100?


Get a smooth tire and the shortest cranks you feel comfortable with. A handle can be useful on longer rides but a brake will only slow you down :p.

While I really like 114s I would skip them and go down to 100s for a racing 29. I didn’t know that KH had a MUni or distance option. I would imagine the distance one is longer. I would get that as you can always cut it down if you wanted to.

As far practice, do some “speed sprints” once you get comfortable going fast some of the time you gradually get faster the rest of the time.