Any tightwire unicyclists here?

I’ve just found out that the new insurance for the entertainment group im with covers tightwire walking. So I asked if tightwire unicycling would also be covered, and i’m told it is. Needless to say, I have put myself forward for attempting it. Shoild be looking into getting / building a rig sometime after the Isle Of Wight festival is out of the way.

So yeah, anyone on here a tightwire unicyclist? How difficult is it?


I rode on a block of wood that was on its side, 45 degree angle, while waiting for the bus once. The edge was really really thin. I got one and a half revolutions first try, then jumped off, then the bus came.

I’m gonna try it again when I find a suitable set-up.

I guess it’s sorta similar to tightwire, except I’m not sure how much a tight wire would move. Good luck, though. If you’re good at skinnies, it’s basically a very thin skinny.

Lucas Wintercrane has relevant a youtube video somewhere on, errr… youtube.

yeh theres some cocky english geezer that does it, lol hey, yeh i do it, last time i tried i hadnt done it in a long time but it went really well, stayed on there for ages, next challenge is either juggling competently on the unicycle on wire, or skipping on the unicycle on the wire, i also have got quite a nice clip which was filmed in isle of white at bestival last year, ironic or what ay xxx

I’d hazard a guess that you did that with the tyre fitted. Usually the tyre would be removed for riding on a tight wire.

Lucas’ rope has to be the slackest “tight” rope I’ve ever seen, though it’s tighter than a typical slack rope. Whatever, riding it with the tyre still fitted is mightily impressive.

lol really, i think its partly because its a temporary rig built for workshops and also the extra weight and stuff but spose that shouldn’t make too much difference, i didnt think of it as that slack, i would like to learn on a slack wire, i am assuming you would think tighter is easier, as it is with walking

There’s a vid on hear somewhere and on youtube of Andrew Carter tiding a tightrope on his trials.

I’ve seen a vid of Yogi riding a 24" UW about 20 ft. or so (I think it was a steel cable).

I know a cicrcus performer who rides a tightwire on a uni. His rim is specially deepened so as not to come off the wire. He also says he can’t ride a uni on the ground, so figure that one out.

I did that :astonished: too much pain! Its here at 4:47 onwards

Not everyone finds tightwire easier than slackrope for walking. I do, but I’ve spoken to people who find slackrope easier.

But yeah, I think eliminating the side to side movement that you get with a slackrope would make unicycling a lot easier. And the way to eliminate that side to side movement is to use a tightwire.

Strangely, I honestly can’t remember whether I’ve tried unicycling on a tightwire. I think I did, once, several years ago. I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually manage it. Walking the tightwire came easily to me, but unicycling is a whole different challenge.

im more interested in the challenge of doing it without an adapted unicycle i think that is the drive challenge in in for me

Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea. How about we attach a wheel to the front of our unicycles to aid in steering and stability? Then we can gear the unicycles up as much as we want because balance won’t be an issue.