any thoughts on the nimbus boomerang

has anybody bought the nimbus boomerang?
for those of you who don’t know what it is look here
its a 20" with a 4 1/4" wide tire. Its under freestyle but doesn’t seem like it would work real good for freestyle with that much rubber touching the ground. It does look like it would be good for hopping, mabye even drops, too bad the hub is cotterless and not splined. do you think its anything more than a novelty unicycle? anybody planning on getting it? I want to get it but I think a bc wheel will come first.

yep stupidest things ever whod actually free-style on a 4 inch tire ?

Ummm… Everybody that’s cool.

I wouldn’t recommend hopping and drops with that rim. I have ridden what was probably the prototype (it was fun) and there have been some threads about it, do some searching, I would but it’s late and I’m off to bed.

BTW It’s listed under specials on which is probably more apt.

A must have for every collection!!!

I consider the Boomerang uni to be a novelty unicycle. Something that is ridden as a novelty rather than a regular or practical ride.

Novelty unicycles are the special and odd unicycles. Things that are not practical for regular riding. The ones you bring out for fun and for shows and as a challenge.

Ohhh, I wish I can have one of those! Big fat tire, means easier ride on grass, sand or rough MUni trails. And I am guessing you can hop like a bunny for days with such fat tire.

I think it’s pretty much pointless…it’s just too big to be useful in any situation. 'cept maybe MUni, but it’s a 20", so it’s no good for it anyway.

what aobut gliding? that would be fun on it

I like it.

I don’t think any unicycle that is designed to have fun on is pointless!

The boomerang definitely falls into the “fun unicycle” category, rather than being a uni aimed at freestyle or trials. I don’t think the rim will handle much in the way of drops but with a tyre that width it has a certain panache. Everyone who has seen our one just has to have a go :slight_smile:

The boomerang is fun to ride but harder to corner on. It really likes travelling in straight lines. Buy it for image and fun, not for practicality.

Hey, I have one of the bikes with that big ole tire on the back…its never been ridin though, but i dont think that tire would work all that well for prehops…too wide not tall enough…

I might get one, they look fun…and a good conversation peice.

have fun doing trials with a 4,1/4’’ tire witch must weight alot or good luck with freestyle too that unicycle is good for nothing I thought it would maybe be good for Muni but they made it a 20’’ I think its one of the worlds stupidest invention after that kangoroo unicycle with u can just make ur self at home

Ok Simon…

I leant to wheel walk on Rogers Stingray (I’m always going to call it a stingray). Its a fabulous ‘special’ or novelty unicycle, but not really useful for anything specific. Great to cruise around on, or use in shows. It was a big hit at Crawley this year.


These unicycles are really fun. Its amazing to see just how big the tyre is in the flesh. I learnt seatdrag with the seat behind on a UDC Monster unicycle. There’s a video of me seat dragging a Monster uni in my gallery.

It looks cool, i’m going to get one.


I think it’s a beast, that would rock to jump sets with once the hub was changed. That would have a lot of shock to it, and be able to take pretty massive falls. I think someone will pick it up, get good with it, and everyone will kinda change their opinion on it. Maybe, not sure. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

I was wondering what they’d be like to wheel walk on. Suppose it’d be ideal to learn on, then transfer what you’ve learned to a regular sized rim/tyre. Hmmm.