Any techniques to prevent landing on bearing housing while crank-grabbing?

:smiley: i have learnt to crank grab, on a wooden bench, and every so often i land on the bearing housing, how can u prevent this?
can dropping onto the bearing housing badly damage uni, or does it just scratch up the metal casing?
also, after doing a load of crank-grab attempts when i was still learning, i notice the cranks were loose, do crank grabs and grinding damage cranks, or the uni in any way?
also, i am incredibly glad that i can now crank-grab, and the hardest part of it for me was to work up the courage:D
So good luck to all u learners out there!:wink: :smiley:

mabey you shold learn to pedal grab (non offensieve/hostlie tone)

learning to pedal grab would pretty much solve the problem…and its a useful skill too.
anyway, just work on aiming for only the crank, or better, only the pedal.

Just kiss your unicycle before you do a crank grab and say to your unicycle: “dont land on the bearing housing baby.”

Love !!

I’m not particularly good at crank grabbing, but I can do it.

For me it just took some practice until my “aim” got better, so I could land just on the crank and pedal.


Im just starting to learn crank / pedal grabs ( meaning i attempted them a few times yesterday, stalled and jumped off a coupla times). So i probably dont know what im talking about. but, when i was learning (and i still do this) to double peg grind or feeble grind on my BMX bike, i found that i always had better luck balancing and getting just the pegs on if i concentrated on just barely setting the pegs on the coping or rail or w/e. on days when im landing way to close to the frame instead of the pegs, i even try NOT to land on the pegs, and miss the coping alltogether. sometimes this happens… but, usually when i do this i catch the pegs perfectly on the end (of the peg) and slide along beautifuly. So… I know its not quite the same thing, but maybe once you know you can jump up and get some part of the crank on whatever you are jumping on too, try to just barely get your pedal on to it, and it might help to miss the bearing housing and help your balance too. it could also end up hurting…but probably not. anyway, thats my thoughts.