any suggestions for elder cyclists

Hello, cyclists here. I am Susan. I am new to this place. It is for my dad I am writing here. He is 60+ and he still got a huge love for unicycling. It was last month that I happen to take him to our family Doc for a checkup and he said his health has to be taken care. And we live in Toronto and I got placed at an MNC last so I have to leave my dad alone at home for the training process. So in my absence, I don’t want my dad to face any difficulties so I have planned to hire a caregiver ( ) from Diamond personnel. It is difficult for him to live in my absence and unicycling is something that he loves to do still at this age. He was a champion in his good old days. He even has trained kids till last year. As I have hired a caregiver for my dad in my absence, I want him to be happy and unicycling is something that makes him happy as it has been something like his ambition. Can I have any suggestion that I could give to my dad’s caregiver in my absence in regards with unicycling? So that my dad would enjoy even in my absence with unicycling. Healthy tips that I could suggest dad’s caregiver while unicycling.

You don’t say what the nature of your father’s ailments are, so it’s hard to suggest anything specific. If he’s reasonably mobile, unicycling will probably help keep him that way. Make sure he has adequate riding protection – helmet, knee pads, gloves. If he’s “old school” he may not be used to using these, but it will help prevent injury.
I’m 64 and ride nearly every day. I met a guy last week at the unicycle nationals who’s 67, and he could ride circles around me. So age is not really a factor, per se, it’s more the overall condition.


Look for a caregiver who’s interested in learning to unicycle. Then both the caregiver and your dad will have a good time, and he gets the deserved feeling he’s giving something back!
(… only half joking…)

Hmm, it seems there are plenty of 60+ guys on here (or the FB forum) - 60 isn’t exactly old, and neither is 69 really. The guys on here seem to look after themselves quite happily, and I’d be kind of surprised that somebody still riding uni needs looking after. First time poster, link in the post (which isn’t really relevant to the rest of the story), something smells funny…

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. At times he says about joint pains so I am worried about his health. But the thing that he enjoys the most now is unicycling which he finds time for. So I wanted to know about the tips that be taken care while unicycling. This is just to share with my dad’s new caregiver.

    1. Hello Aracer, I agree with you. This person is having a laugh, IMO.

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It is not fair to make fun of somebody that needs a caretaker. That does not mean he is incontinent (yet?) :smiley:
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I should remember my own advice:


Take your dad on a visit here, in Toronto;