Any Suffolk muni riders?

I do a lot of muni riding around Suffolk but have never met another unicycle rider. There also aren’t any clubs or groups that I can find.
Just wondering if there are any unicyclists near me? Surly I can’t be the only one! Suffolk is huge :slight_smile:

Suffolk which country? UK, USA New York (or other States)?

Seriously, I hope you find other unicyclists to go ride with. Group rides are so much fun in so many different ways than a ride by yourself.

While I lived in Sussex UK for a few years I wasnt into one wheeling then. Now I’ll drive one to four hours here in the US to meet with other muni riders. There is no ’ club’. Just an informal group of us from this forum and FB. Seems to work out well.


There are quite a few disconnected riders in the south. Where about do you like to ride?

I mainly ride Thetford forest, ickworth park and a few little trails local to me. Im near bury st edmunds.

I occasionally go out in Thetford when it is a bit drier. Possibly should meet up later in the spring when the trails are better.