Any step-by-step guides how to regrease a hub?

my uni makes a few noises while riding,and i have been told to regrease the hub, but not how?
any suggestions?

You’ve been told that by someone who doesn’t know how unicycles are constructed.

There are two possible problems with bearings on your unicycle; the wheel bearings (which are what your frame attaches to) or the pedal bearings. Usually the wheel bearings are sealed; if they’re grinding, they are probably shot, and you should buy a new pair and install them. But it’s more likely that your pedal bearings are problematic. Exactly how to repack your pedal bearings depends on what pedals you have, but generally, the method is to remove the dust cap on the end of the pedal, remove the bolt holding the pedal on the pedal axle, clean and degrease the pedal axle and the bearing races inside the pedal, put new grease on the bearing races and pedal axle, and install new bearings.