Any spreadsheet whizzes?

I’m working on a training log spread sheet using an example from off the web. I have the mileages logging working well. It gives all kinds of averages and totals etc.

The mileage worksheet contains a column for weight. So I found some info on graphing weight which has the type of info I’m looking to computer given any days weight. BUT i’m getting stuck on the Total loss column.

The author of the original sheet seems to have cheery picked data and kinda cheated on how to handle days where there is not date.

I really like the approach of this sheet/chart because it tracks a 5 day rolling average.

I could just drop out the weight tracking. There are plenty of dedicated weight tracking spreadsheets, programs, and online tools for tracking weight.

Anyone got the chops and interest to get the weight sheet working?

For anyone else I have a bunch of spreadsheets downloaded for tracking mileage and for tracking weight. If anyone wants a big ball of these files just let me know.

Just let me know what kind of archive you prefer.

I’ve attached the summary box to give you and idea what I’m up to.

Below this is some pretty basic graphs.

Also attached it the weight calculation sheet. This sheet picks up the weight from the training log so the weight gets entered only in one place.

Like I said, I like this one because it does the 5 day moving average which even out the day to day fluctuations.

Let me know what you guys think and if someone wants to contribute with some help on the weight portion let me know.

When it’s done i’ll make this available to whoever wants it.

Doesn’t look hard. I could have a try :slight_smile:
PMing you :slight_smile:

I’m the king of the spreadsheets
Got 'em printed out all over my bedsheets
Had an accident one night…
Now I’m a spreadsheet whiz :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really.

I knew somebody would go there. Thanks for picking up the slack for the younguns on the site.:smiley:

Did you get the originals from the Hacker’s Diet eat watch spreadsheets? If not, then that’s what I’d suggest using. I’ve used the palm application for years to track my weight (not for dieting exactly… anyone who knows me can vouch for that, but for weight tracking :slight_smile: )

Plus it’s a system by one of the creators of Autocad, so you know it’s good! hehe…

John M

Does that also mean it gets updated every year for no apparent reason but at enourmous cost?

I took a look at it but I really couldn’t make it work. Maybe it had to do with me opening it in Open Office Calc. It looks good in the screen shot but since I couldn’t get it to work, and I have enough now that I don’t really need another spreadsheet. I have adapted a few other sheets to my needs and vookash is working on some cool stuff like 30/60/90 day projections, stuff like that.

I’d like to see it work but its not worth me putting much effort into it. (I’m a recent convert to Linux so I won’t be installing Excel anytime soon.)

Hooray! Welcome! :smiley:

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Surely Ian for it to be at enormous cost it would have to come from those awfullly nice people at PTC?

no worries have your 3d drafting chat… its not like this thread is overflowing over pages and pages. It all software talk it’s all good.